Best Lent Ever

What is the Best Lent Ever?

It’s a free email program that will guide you on an incredible 40-day journey to become the-best-version-of-yourself, making this a truly life-changing Lent.

Register at  The program is FREE, however, when you register, you will be asked if you want to purchase a journal. Also, the study is based on a bood by New York times Bestselling author, Matthew Kelly, PERFECTLY YOURSELF, Discovering God’s Dream for You, and it can be sent to you free of charge, but you would have to pay for the shipping cost. If you would like to preview the Journal and/or the book, to see if you want to order either one, a copy of each will be available, for viewing, in the back of the church. Whether you purchase a journal or a book or not, may you have the BEST LENT EVER! with the help of this free email program. Sign-up, this week before Ash Wednesday.