The Mission Assistance Committee

The Mission Assistance Committee is asking YOU to consider joining the group. The Committee has been together since 2012. Its aim is to be of service to the parish, in support of the parish Mission Statement, found in our parish bulletin each week. One of its commitments is to contact grieving families to ask if they would like the group to provide a bereavement reception in the cafeteria after the parish funeral. The group also works to provide two Rummage Sales per year. This includes the work involved in the reception and organization of items donated for sale.

From the beginning, the Mission Assistance Committee has been led by parishioner Bertha Saucedo, and the secretary has been Guadalupe Ramirez. Generally the membership has been around 15 lovely people. Friends and volunteers flow in and out of the group. If you would like to join the group or attain more information, please contact Bertha Saucedo at the church.