St. Gerard Parish Mission January, 21-23, 2018. “The Story of Faith” See You There!

St. Gerard Parish will have a PARISH MISSION on January 21-23, for 3 days, Sunday-Tuesday. Let us all attend this sure-to-be grace-filled event with FRANK RUNYEON – acclaimed by critics, scholars, and over 1000 Catholic parishes as a great presenter of the gospel message. The Mission will be held in Church at 6:30 pm. For more info on the presenter:

Monday and Tuesday Morning Mass. A special Mission Mass will be offered at 9 am, in Church, to include readings and reflections, in keeping with the themes of the Mission Presentations, Refreshments will follow.

The Sacrament of Confession/Reconciliation. Confession will be available in Church, following the Monday night presentation on the Sermon on the Mount.

Childcare. It is said that people, ages 7 on up, can be enriched by these presentations. Childcare for the younger children will be available in the Parish Office Building. The children must be registered through Bertha Saucedo by 4 pm each day. If no one has called to register a child, the certified childcare adults, will be asked to not come for that day.

St.Gerard Uber! You can’t drive when it’s dark? You don’t feel comfortable going out alone at night? St. Gerard Uber is here to help! Contact the parish office this week, 210-533-0161, by Thursday, so a driver can be arranged. Nice, courteous, safe parishioners are offering to help drive other parishioners to and from the Parish Mission. What a deal! What care!

Refreshments. Our Parish Events Committee, led by Jeanette Kay, will be in the cafeteria, each evening following the Mission presentation, to offer the delightful experience of great company and food.

Photos and Autographs. No photos are to be taken during the Mission Presentations. However, Frank enjoys staying afterwards and talking with people. Photos and autographs will be possible at the reception in the cafeteria.

Recordings. DVD recordings will be on sale, in church, after the presentation on Monday evening of the Mission. Personal recording of the Mission presentations is strictly forbidden by the professional theatrical unions.

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