Journey through RCIA

Interested in Becoming a Catholic?

At times an unbeliever will take a look at his or her life and decide to take a turn in the effort to becoming a better person. The person wants to be closer to God; wants to understand the teachings of the Catholic faith, because another Catholic has had a truth and way of living that has inspired another. Where is a person to go if she or he wants to know about the Catholic faith and the Catholic community? About every parish in the Catholic church has a group to help another family or individual to enter into the Catholic Church. The process here at St. Gerard, and in many parishes, is entitled, the “RCIA” process, standing for; the Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults. We are spiritual and material beings, and spiritual health is critical to a happy, full life. If you or a friend would like to inquire about the Catholic faith and spiritual enrichment, a group in the community is ready to be of help to you. For more information contact RCIA Director Nick Flores at 210-844-0472. Registration: August 12-13, after Mass, in front of Church.