Pastor’s Notes – April 23, 2017

Father Shea

Father Shea

By Fr. James E. Shea, C.Ss.R.

Dear Parishioners and Friends:

An elderly woman in Florida left the grocery store with a bag of groceries in each hand. As she approached her car she spotted four men sitting in her car, about ready to drive away. She dropped her shopping bags, drew a handgun from her purse and screamed at the top of her lungs, “Get out of my car! I have a gun and I know how to use it! Get out of my car, and don’t ever come back you scumbags!”

The four men leapt out of the car and started running for their lives. The lady, a bit shaken, proceeded to load her shopping bags into the back seat of her car. Then, she climbed into the driver’s seat, ready to head home.

She was so upset that she could not get her key into the ignition. Again she tried with no luck. She began forcing the key. Nothing work. She shouted, “Look what those scoundrels did. They messed up my ignition.”

Just then she realized she was in the wrong car. She began the search for her car, up and down the aisles. A few minutes later she found her own car parked a few spaces down from her car. She moved her groceries into her own car and drove straight to the police station.

She reported the incident to the sergeant. The sergeant burst into laughter. He pointed to the other end of the counter where four frightened young men were reporting a carjacking by a crazed elderly woman described as white, less than 5′ tall, glasses, with curly white hair and carrying a handgun.

How easy it is to forget where we parked our car. Father Billimek was stationed at Holy Ghost parish in Houston. One day he drove his car to the barbershop located in the strip mall across from the rectory. After getting a haircut, he walked down the mall to the drug store. After purchasing toothpaste he decided to get some exercise, so he walked back to the rectory. Two days later he went to get his car in the rectory parking lot. Two days later he went to get his car in the rectory parking lot. To his surprise, the car was missing. He called the police and reported a stolen car. Three days later the police called to inform Father that his car was parked across the street in the strip mall.

Do we misplace items; or do we borrow them and forget to return them? Whatever happens it seems that keys around St. Gerard is becoming an issue. Periodically we purchase a bundle of church keys and Parish Center keys. Over time, that bundle of keys seems to disappear. I guess that some folks borrow a key and could it be that they forget to return it? Don’t know. I do know that church and office keys have disappeared.

And them the Allen wrench which we use to lock and unlock the panic bar in church has disappeared from the cabinet in the back of church. In that cabinet was the remote control for the fans. It too disappeared. Now, we await the return of keys and the remote control.

The feast of Divine Mercy, or Divine Mercy Sunday, is observed on the Sunday after Easter. This feast day celebrates the fullness of Christ’s Resurrection. His love and His mercy for his people. This Sunday we celebrate Divine Mercy Sunday.Father Lindsey and I are honored to be able to celebrate daily Mass at the Divine Mercy Chapel on Beethoven.

The feast was initiated by St. Maria Faustina Kowalska, a Polish nun who kept a diary in the 1930s of Christ’s private revelations, telling her of His message of mercy. She wrote that she first saw a vision of Jesus on Feb. 22, 1931. He had rays of mercy streaming from His hear. Christ told her to have an image painted to represent the vision and to write below it, “Jesus, I trust in you!”

St. Faustina died of tuberculosis in 1938 at age 33. St. John Pal II canonized her in 2000 and declared Divine Mercy Sunday a worldwide feast day.

A young employee misappropriated several thousand dollars of his business firm’s money. When he was caught he was asked to report to the company CEO. As the young walked up the stairs to the administrative office, he knew what almost certainly awaited him. Dismissal, humiliation, and legal action.

When he met with the CEO, he was asked about the whole affair. He answered truthfully and admitted his guilt. The CEO became silent for a few minutes, then said, “If I keep you in your present capacity, can I trust you in the future?” The young man brightened up and said, “Yes sir! I give my word. I have learned my lesson.”

The CEO thought some more, then said, “I won’t press charges. You can continue in your present position.” As the young man began to walk out, the CEO said, “There’s something else you should know. You are the second man in this firm who gave into temptation and was shown leniency. I was the first. What you have done, I did. The mercy you are receiving, I received. It is only the grace God that can keep us both.”

Someone said: “I once wanted to become an atheist but I gave up. They have no holidays.”